Monica Diethelm


This is already the 11th season for Monica at the Knight Lake Ranch. Her heart beats not only in the summer for the ranch, but during the whole year. Always busy with preparations, she is testing new menus, sows curtains, writes greeting cards for the guests of the last season, and meets with the new team for discussions and preparations. We are all very happy that Monica will be the leader of the team in 2015.


Severin Schönenberger

I'm Severin Schönenberger, 23 and live in Luetisburg, Switzerland. This summer I'll be at the lovliest Ranch in Canada for the third time and am looking forward to a great time again! I'm a professional chef and am conducting additional arts studies. In my leasure time filming is my great pace. My first short movies have been done at Knight Lake Ranch. Therefrom I'm often called Clint Eastwood since summer 2013. I'm looking forward to stay at Knight Lake Ranch coming summer, together with Monica, the team and my "Dogskinbrother" John Wayne (Andy).


Amanda Zurbrügg

My name's Amanda Zurbruegg (19) and come from Walenstadt, Switzerland. After graduating last summer I've started an intermediate year during which I will end up in Canada after several other places. By my first summer at Knight Lake Ranch one of my childhood dreams comes true. I 'm really looking forward to the culmination of my first big trip! In the fall I will begin my studies at the University of Basel and hope that the many memories and experiences will keep the travel bug at bay for some time ;- )



Andi Felzmann

After I was part of the Knight Lake Ranch opening team in the summer of 2005, I am pleased to be part of the team 2015 again. I'll try to actively use my experience and knowledge as a senior member of the team and hope for a great summer. As guy from Zurich from beautiful Limmat valley, I just put a little counterweight to the excessive number of guys from Toggenburg and Eastern Switzerland on the ranch. Maybe I'm learning this spring the use of the chainsaw, so I can be of help in this area from time to time. My second shortcoming - cooking, especially for a larger groups - is fortunately not required due to the great lady cooks and our professional chef. I am looking forward to a nice, sunny and busy summer with many guests and as many shareholders who will visit the unique Knight Lake Ranch.


Angela Graf

My name is Angela Graf, I am 23 years old and live in Oberhelfenschwil, Switzerland. I graduated this year from the training as a nurse and am very happy spending some time to do something else. In Canada, I have the opportunity to learn new things and expand my horizon. I am looking forward to the tasks that await me and hope to meet many interesting people.