During fall 2000 a long held wish became real:

At an informational gathering in Winterthur about 100 participants of the Canada Trail Travel organization agreed to buy their own guest ranch in Canada. As a result Canada Trail AG was formed and later the Canadian partner firm Canada Trail Ranch Ltd.

After a long search for our dream ranch we found the Knight Lake Ranch in British Columbia in 2002. The ranch has 800000 square meters of land 1.5 million square meters of state land and is situated between three lakes.
We fell in love with this little paradise, and after the Canadian authorities agreed to a change of zoning, bought the ranch in 2003.

During July and August of 2004 three stockholders torn down the old ranch house and in the fall of 2004 we started with the rebuilding and remodeling of Knight Lake Ranch.

The big farmhouse was remodeled into a guesthouse, including a lounge and eating room, a new kitchen and a big sun deck directly above the lake. An existing cabin was standing on the shore of the lake and in spring of 2005 we added two deluxe cabins with a living room, small kitchen, bedroom and bath with shower and toilet.

On July 1st 2005 we opened our own ranch in Canada with a party for our neighbors, friends and workers. The Knight Lake Ranch is open every summer from July 1st through September 30th. The Ranch is closed during winter.